SD-C Haulage provides a full range of logistics and transport services necessary for the International Heavy Transport of bulky and heavy cargoes. Both unimodal and multimodal schemes are used for delivery.
Road transport has the largest share in this segment due to its high speed and relatively low transportation costs. In general, the market for Oversize and Heavy Transport shows active growth between 5 to 15 % per annum.

Positive dynamics are associated with economic growth and the development of new markets. Large industrial enterprises establish trade relations with foreign Partners to ensure their presence abroad. Therefore, the demand for the Heavy Transportation of Oversize Cargoes as equipment and machinery classified as oversized cargo is constantly growing.
We support our customers to arrange regular flows of International Heavy Transportation of Oversize Cargo.
Our company organizes Oversize Cargo Transportation and Heavy Transport by various modes of transport in Europe, the CIS, the Baltics, the Balkans, East Asia, and Central Asia.
Our experienced employees take into account each client's need and cargo characteristics to develop optimal delivery routes that minimize the cost of Heavy Cargo Transportation. We organize on-time delivery of any cargo regardless of geographical destination.

Whatever your cargo is – we manage safe transportation solutions:
Agricultural Machinery (Tractors, Agrimotors, Combine Harvesters, Forage Harvesters, Grain Silo, Grinder Mills);
Boilers, Dryer machinery, Gas and Oil Tanks, Transformators;
Trains, Rails, Mining Equipment, Wind Power Plant Equipment, Iron and Steel Sheets, Blocks and Frames;
Cranes (Tower Cranes, Overhead Cranes, Mobile Cranes);
Drilling Machinery;
Construction machinery (Backhoe Loaders, Excavators / Diggers, Breaker Machinery);
CNC Machinery, Hydraulic Press Machinery;
Shipyard Equipment, Yachts & Boats;
Mobile Houses (Container Houses);
Conveyors, Industrial Air Conditioning Machinery, Industrial Furnaces;
Pulleys for Cables and Steel Belts;
Iron, Steel and Fiberglass Pipes;
Rubber Wheeled and Continuous Track (Pallet) Vehicles;
and other Heavy and Oversize cargoes.

What service within the area of oversized and heavy transport we offer:
providing complete transport solutions services
choosing the right transport vehicle
help with the equipment for loading and unloading of goods with the participation of our partners
customs clearance
tracing ideal route for the size and weight of the goods
ensuring oversize permits
secure route: hoisting cable, removing obstacles, temporary removal of traffic signs
static calculations bridges
accompanying security vehicles
providing escorts for internal and external needs
security and coordination services to telecom companies, railways, police, power plants, etc.
Examples of SD-C latest projects: (photos with description)